Selfies, Why You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

My first encounter with the Selfie Stick was when I was walking along Canal St. in NYC. I was amazed at how far the “Selfie” trend has come to these days but also intrigued by this new invention… will we actually seeĀ  rise on the sales of selfie sticks or has this metal rod taken the selfie too far?

Filling the World with Better Selfies, One Click at a Time…

Why have selfies become so popular? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against selfies, I’m guilty of being part of the selfie craze as well. But I try not to over due it. Research estimates that at least a million selfies are taken every day and you’ve probably already heard the Selfie song.

Many people like to take their pictures when their on vacation or doing something interesting, to share with family and friends. What ever the reason, smartphones with cameras have brought upon us the era of selfies.

Who Invented the Selfie Stick?


Wayne Fromm patented the Quick Pod (U.S. patent #7,684,694) several years ago and had no idea how far his idea would go. Since then, this silver sticks have been duplicated by many manufacturers, ranging in price and quality and adaptable to several types of cameras and phones, some are even waterproof for the adventurer.

I’ve seen some being sold around NYC for $10 but if you are serious “self-ographer” (yes I just invented that term) you can get quality and durable version for prices starting around $50. You can also check on Amazon and you’ll find a variety of these sticks there.

I Must Ask: Are You Getting a Selfie Stick?

People either hate or love the selfie stick. Buzzfeed put together a hilarious compilation of how far some people have taken this new trend. I guess the point of the stick is to try to get in as much of the background as possible, something that short arms can’t do. But still, you’ll see a few photos around the internet of people still failing at selfies with the stick. Like this picture below that looks more like the selfie stick just told a really good joke.


During another visit to the SOHO area of NYC, I saw my first selfie stick stand. There, a young promoter was trying to catch the attention of those passing by and basically doing his job to sell the product. I watched for a while and saw a lot of people just pass by laughing and amused, only rarely seeing a person or two stop and actually take a look. I think the fried ice cream stand had more customers in the end.

So are you considering getting your own selfie stick? I’m still a selfie stick virgin, but I don’t know for how long… Leave your comment below!

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Image Credit: Forbes



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